Tour NHA7: Nha Trang – Central Highland – Hoi An (7days/6nights)

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Breath-taking landscape of Ho Chi Minh trail
Rural life of local people
Different cultures of ethnic minority groups
Dak To – Tan Canh Combat Base
Charlie Hill
Bana, Ede, M’Nong hill tribes and their traditional Rong house
Sea Lake
Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls, national Fairy pool
Lak Lake, Elephant ride
Ride through the stunning rain forests
Silkworm factory
Elephant waterfall
Dalat’s ‘must-see’ sights
Spectacular mountain roads
White and red sand dunes
Fishing villages


  • Fishing village
  • Lak Lak, Elephant ride
  • Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls
  • Ho Chi Minh trail
  • Rural life of local people
  • Ede, Bana hill tribe villages
  • Dak To, Tan Canh battle fields
  • Ride through the stunning landscape
  • Vietnam war
  • Hoi An ancient town
1st day: Depart from Nha Trang to Da Lat
Follow the new road to go down to Nha Trang on the way you’ll do something like:
– Stop over at Raclay minortity village to see the activity of the local people
– Control your feeling as crossing “monkey bridge”
– Trekking through the jungle
– stop over at K`ho minority village
– French railway station
– Enjoy Vietnamese coffee in the local cafe
– Visit coffee plantations
– Visit the flower and vegetable farm
– Crazy house
2nd day: Depart from Dalat to Lak lake
– Visit the Dragon pagoda
– Visit the flower, tea & coffee plantations
– Mushroom farm
– Enjoy Vietnamese coffee in the local cafe
– Watch the way of Vietnamese making rice wine
– Visit silkworm factory
– Elephant waterfall
– Trekking through the jungle
– Visit to the Jun Minority Village (M’Nong)
– Check-in at the long-stilt-house for over-night stay
3rd day: Depart from Lak lake to Buon Me Thuot
– Crossing Lak lake by boat or traveling on the back of elephant (extra pay)
– Take photo of people farming and fishing
– Trekking to the top of the Elephant rock mountain
– Take the Ho Chi Minh Trail to visit Dray Sap, Dray Nu falls
– Have picnic lunch at Gia Long falls (BBQ chicken)
– Swim in Fairy pool, take a water massage from waterfall
– Come back to stay at Buon Ma Thuot city
4th day: Depart from Buon Me Thuot to Pleiku
– Traveling on the old Ho Chi Minh trail
– Views rubber plantations, cashew and black pepper gardens
– Seeing the way of Vietnamese making rice paper and rice noodle…
– Experience the daily life of Highlanders
5th day: Depart from Pleiku to Kon Tum
– Sea Lake
– Visit wooden church
– Visit Kon Ktu village and their traditional Rong house…
– American bridge
– Visit orphanage
– Visit Kon tum market
6th day: Depart from Kontum to Kham Duc
– Visit the Dakto battle field
– Phoenix Airport
– Charlie hill (with popular song: Nguoi o lai Charlie)
– Stop over at indochine three corner (three way border)
– Stop over at the hot spring Dak Ha to enjoy Chicken egg in hot boiling water…
– See Trieng Minority Village and try crossing the Tiny Suspension Bridge
– Over night stay in Kham Duc town
7th day: Depart from Kham Duc to Hoian
Following Ho Chi Minh trail to understand about Viet Nam war, by the way you`ll enjoy a beautiful view and fresh air in this area 
– Stop over at the minority village to discover the local’s culture and customs
– Enjoy water massage on the Ho Chi Minh trail
– Exploring the local market of the mountain town
– Come to visit pineapple plantation and enjoy a fresh pineapple there
– Visit Cao Dai temple
– Visit Cham tower
– See how people make incense
– Visit rice paper and brick making
– Arrive in Hoi An around 4:30pm to 5:00pm

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